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Directions & Other Contact Information

Phone Number

Please contact Rudy McDaniel for any issues regarding the PROSE lab. His phone number is 407-823-2488.

Mailing Address

Snail mail can be sent to the following address:

UCF Digital Media PROSE Lab
Attn: Rudy McDaniel
12461 Research Parkway, Suite 500
Orlando, FL 32826-3121

Lab Location

The PROSE Laboratory is located in the Orlando Technical Center. Our address is 12461 Research Parkway, Suite 500. We are located in Research Park, room 110 (adjacent to the large classroom).

Directions to the Digital Media Building

Here are the directions to the OTC-500 building:

Google Map to the OTC-500 building

Where are you meeting?

Larger classes (15 or more) are usually scheduled in the large classroom or the Mac lab. To find the large classroom, proceed through the double doors then turn left at the first corridor and follow the hall until it dead ends at the large classroom. The Mac lab is directly across the hall from Rudy McDaniel's office (see below).

Smaller graduate classes or groups of independent study students (or meetings with colleagues) are usually in the DM conference room. The conference room is directly to your left as soon as you enter the building.

If you are meeting directly with professor McDaniel, you will probably be meeting in his office. Rudy McDaniel's office is directly through the double doors and a few offices down on the right-hand side, room 144.

It can be a bit tricky to find the building if you are searching for the first time. If you have any trouble, please call the Digital Media department at 823-6100. Our office manager Ryan Browne will be happy to assist you. If you are unable to reach Mr. Browne you can contact Rudy McDaniel at 823-2488.

Page Last Modified: July 09, 2013