Growing Research from Innovation

Our Goals

Although PROSE formulates specific goals for each project it undertakes, there are also overarching goals that advise and inform our research in general. These goals include:

  1. To respect interdisciplinary research and blend appropriate theories from both the Humanities and the Sciences in our own projects.
  2. To engage in and commit to "big C creativity" (Simonton) in which the research and products we create have some degree of impact outside the immediate academic community.
  3. To foster innovation through the creative juxtapositions of time-tested theories with new and innovative computer technologies.
  4. To create opportunities for the many affiliated UCF organizations and to utilize the respective embodied sources of expertise for each
  5. To actively pursue a cycle of self-assessment in which we are continually improving the quality of research and deliverable products produced by our lab.
  6. To have an open mind about new ideas and new ways of thinking.
Page Last Modified: July 09, 2013